Wine for a Wedding is a unique wedding / engagement gift created to age 3 bottles of wine, in separate compartments, for future anniversary celebrations. The front of each wine box features a unique, engraved design that contains “Open On” Anniversary instructions for each compartment. As a couple reaches each anniversary, they reveal a bottle of aged wine along with a personal message from you engraved on the back of each lid. These unique wine boxes are a truly creative way to toast the newlyweds for years to come!

How it works

from a variety of creative

from an array of packages assembled to age for future anniversaries (optional).

with a message (toast) from you, engraved inside each lid.

within 2 weeks
(in continental U.S)
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A variety of designs to suit any style

We offer unique and creative designs—from our reasonably priced in-house creations to our exclusive artist series, you’ll find a box to suit any couples style.

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Looking for something more custom?

We can create a box from your photo, invitation, or a completely custom design based on your direction.

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Add an award winning wine package and have it shipped directly to the newlyweds

Don’t know what wine to put in your box or need the convenience of having your gift shipped directly to the Newlyweds? Simply select a wine package when placing your order. Each wine package has been assembled by the vintner’s of Mt. Pleasant Estates Winery for the ability to be aged for future anniversary celebrations. (certain restrictions apply)

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Mount Pleasant Estates

Located in the heart of the Augusta Appellation wine district, Mount Pleasant Estates was established in 1859. The winery grows 16 grape varieties on 85 acres and the original cellars are still used to age the “estate bottled” wines as well as their international award winning Augusta Ports.

All of the wines offered here by Mount Pleasant are from the estate collection. The requirements for “estate bottling” are very strict and require that the bottling winery and the vineyards where all of the grapes are grown be located in the same viticultural area. The winery must control the vineyards where the grapes are grown, and the wine must be produced in one continuous process, never having left the premises of the bottling winery. As the largest purveyor of Augusta Appellation wine, the proprietors of Mount Pleasant Winery hold their product to a higher standard and accept the responsibility to insure that Augusta remains one of the leading viticultural areas of America.

If you ever get the chance, be sure and drop by and take a tour of the limestone cellars, followed by a visit to the tasting room. Pick a favorite bottle and enjoy it along with the majestic veiw from the Mount Pleasant patio. It is one of our favorite wine experiences!

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Get inspired with our IDEAblog

You can find inspiration for your box messages, designs, and tips for making this gift everything it can be. Feel free to post your own ideas as well.

Check out message IDEAS if you just can’t seem to find the words. We have plenty of ideas from funny to sentimental.

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